Offering wide range of equipment and services for chemical and petrochemical plants and providing solutions for more than a decade, with collected experience on positive references, Petroprocess is capable to answer any analytical task.

From combustion control and optimization in process furnaces and reactors by using sophisticated process analyzers, with sample take off systems designed and produced in our manufacturing facility, to the comprehensive analyzer systems for monitoring of gases entire the process plants and CEMS/AMS on the stack. Our analyzer systems on chemical and petrochemical plants are based on continuous gas analyzers, gas chromatography, NDIR, FID, TLD up to FT-IR, FT-NIR, etc.

For advanced control of the process inside furnaces and reactors we are offering video-thermography systems for visualization and thermal analysis of combustion and high temperature processes. Using these systems is possible to monitor process and to determine temperature distribution in order to obtain quality, efficiency and safety.

With references on various chemical and petrochemical plants: fertilizer plants, ammonia plant, SSP plant, urea plant, chlorine plant, ethylene plant, HDPE, LDPE, acetic acid plant, etc. Petroprocess is proven provider of process pumps, process valves, control valves, safety relief valves and instrumentation.

For utilities and power house we are at disposal for:

  • Process analyzer systems and CEMS/AMS
  • Steam and water analyzer systems, water treatment plant analyzers
  • Moisture content analyzers
  • Pumps, control valves, safety relief valves
  • Tank inventory system, tank and loading equipment