With major of references on oil refineries, where Petroprocess is proven solutions provider of process analyzer systems and continuous emission monitoring systems for more than decade, Petroprocess has capacities to answer any analytical task.

From combustion control and optimization in process furnaces and reactors, over process analysis on distillation columns, serving processing units from atmospheric and vacuum distillation, hydrotreater, reformer, hydrogen generation unit, to the FCCU, Incinerators and CEMS/AMS on the stack.

Our numerous analyzer systems on process units in oil refineries together with sample extraction and sample conditioning systems are tailored to process demands.

For advanced control of the process inside furnaces and reactors we are offering video-thermography system for visualization and thermal analysis of combustion and high temperature processes. Using these systems is possible to monitor process and to determine temperature distribution inside furnace or reactor for purpose of process optimization, increasing of quality and efficiency, protection of equipment and plant safety. As operation is in hazardous environment system is explosion proof, certified by ATEX.

Reliable operation, high accuracy and availability of our analyzer systems is supported by our service team, guided by our specialized service engineers certified by analyzer manufacturers , equipped with all necessary tools, calibrators, own lab FT-NIR for model development and own stock of spares.

API process pumps, valves, control valves, safety relief valves are key elements for fluid motion and control in process streams of oil refineries and oil and gas installations. With installed base of more than 150 pumps and more than 500 control valves in last decade Petroprocess is recognized as proven provider of products and services.

Tank gauging, tank inventory systems, loading equipment and terminal automation is integral part of refinery and oil and gas business. With references on more than 10 tank farms and active service support team we are prepared for further challenges.